Bridal Shower Cookies & An Update

I’ve been a little absent lately, but that doesn’t mean I love you any less.  Things have gotten incredibly busy and just when I was about to fill out a Ten on Tuesday, I realized it was already Thursday.

The wedding is a little over 7 weeks away now, and we are into the hectic part of planning.  RSVP’s are coming in (only 2 “no’s”) so far, we are getting the marriage licence tomorrow and meeting with “The Rev” on Monday to discuss the ceremony details.  There’s going to be some paper work from the photographer to fill out soon, my hair trail and final cut & colour are booked.  I have another dress fitting on May 31, right after my last night of BootyCamp Fit, and I am pretty sure they will be taking it in!

So while life both at home and at work is VERY hectic, I am also baking like there is no tomorrow.  You see, on top of everything else, I have a little home business of decorated sugar cookies starting up.  I haven’t really done any work to promote it, it’s just been happening on its own, mostly thanks to the wonders of social networking and Facebook.

This past weekend I had 4 different orders to fill: Bridal Shower, personal gift to home owners, and 2 others that I cannot disclose yet.  I’ll share those after the weekend.   But for now here are the bridal shower ones.  These were ordered by a friend who was celebrating her soon-to-be-sister-in-law:

The bride loves daisies

Her colours were purple and lilac

She obviously said 'YES"!

And she'll be wearing one of these in a few short weeks


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