18 days……seriously?

When we got engaged, back in September ’09, the wedding felt like it was so far away.

It’s 18 days away now.

Where did the time go?

2 weeks ago my girls through my Bachelorette Party, they knew what I wanted to do, so on the Friday night we headed North, for a much-needed girls weekend at the cottage.

I had no idea that the Biebs was crashing my party.

Oh my, this is there the giggles really started..

The rest of the weekend was photographed, but for obvious reasons, they will not be posted here.  It’s kind of along the lines of ‘what happens in Vegas…’  Our weekend went a little like this though…

We drank “Kristini’s”

Ate plenty of healthy, balanced snacks..

Did a lot of shots..

Left to right: Lisa, Amanda, Melissa, Me, Michelle, Angela, Katie, Melanie (Missing are Jennifer, Karra, Danielle & Tausha)

And Michelle pulled her usual antics and made us all laugh until it hurt.

"I'm just so tired, I don't think I can make it any further with the mattress Tausha"

Thanks to all who came out, my bridal party for being amazing hosts, and my inlaws for giving up their Northern Home for the weekend.

It was memorable for sure!


3 thoughts on “18 days……seriously?

  1. Looks so fun!! I just got married 3 weeks ago, so I know what you’re going through right now. Pretty soon it’ll be just 1 day away!! 🙂 Enjoy!!

    (New reader … found you through another blog, but I can’t remember which one now. 🙂 )

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