We Got Married!

Dear Blog,

We have A LOT of catching up to do!  I promise that now that the wedding is over and we are back from our honeymoon I’ll get back into the habit of writing on a regular basis.  So where do I even begin?

July 9, 2011 ~ Our Wedding Day

The day had finally arrived, we had been planning and prepping for 18 months and the big day was finally here.  I woke up feeling rested (thank you Gravol) and ready to go.  The entire morning went by like a breeze, shower, breakfast, hairdressers and then back home for make-up.

The hair-do!

Before I knew it it was 1:30 and my fabulous photographer was ringing the door-bell, which meant it was almost time to put on ‘the dress’.  I thought I was going to be an emotional mess, but I even managed to hold it together as my mom was doing up my dress and sniffling.   Get some pictures taken with my girlfriends (bridal party) and it was off to the ceremony.  I was fine.

And then, we were lining up to walk down the aisle and it hit me. The waterworks started. I managed to get control of myself when I saw Scott walking towards us to get his mom and had to run down the stairs to hide LOL.

Dad walking me down the aisle

Sidebar: see that lady sitting on the bench?  Yea, I don’t know her.  She’s a random bag lady who came for the ceremony, and then stuck around to enjoy some cocktails and appetizers.  Hope she had a good time!

The ceremony was quick, which was perfect, and I am so happy that the weather cooperated with us to allow us an outdoor wedding.

I felt a tiny bit bad for the guys, standing in the sun, but not that much!

Mr & Mrs!

I promise to blog more, including an entire blog on just the reception, and soon.  I’ll also share the photo’s from our Photographer ~ Heather Windsor, as soon as I see them.  I can pretty much bet they will blow my socks off!!

Photos for this post were stolen from my friends Facebook accounts, thanks ladies!


2 thoughts on “We Got Married!

  1. Lol! I never noticed the bag lady at the cocktail hour, that is hilarious! I think I might start doing that! Congrats again!

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