We Got Married: The Reception

I had planned the wedding for so long, and everything pictured in great detail in my head, so I was a little nervous as to whether or not everything would turn out how I wanted it too.

It did.

The hall look absolutely beautiful, the Tiffany blue and white looked fantastic on the tables and my centerpieces turned out exactly how I wanted them too:

The candy buffet was plentiful, and guests really seemed to enjoy visiting it:

‘Love Sweet Love’ sign made by yours truly

There were cupcakes:

And dancing shoes:

And the prettiest shooter girls you have ever seen!

Grandparents danced:

Best friends caught bouquets:

Scott needed a map to find my garter:

To make the whole garter thing less awkward, there was an assortment of items up my dress, including: a rubber dragon, an umbrella, pair of underwear (unworn), a licence plate from Brasil and a map of Paris. Hilarious, I do not think our guests were expecting anything like this!

There was a girl dance to Wilson Philips ~ Hold On ala Bridesmaids

And I laughed and danced so much, and didn’t want the night to end.  I love my family and friends who were there to celebrate with us, and I love my husband.

This photo pretty much sums up my entire friendship with Michelle

Every late night, cramped hand, crying fit and stupid fight over seating was worth it.  Every single second was perfection.

I would do it all again in a heartbeat.


2 thoughts on “We Got Married: The Reception

  1. Congratulations Kristen!!! Looks like a fantastic day and I can’t wait to see Heather’s shots! You are such a gorgeous bride. Congrats to you both and best wishes for a wonderful life together as husband and wife 🙂

    • Thanks Alicia! The anticipation is killing me, I cannot wait to see Heather’s shots, she gave me a sneak peak at the reception and I fell in love with us LOL

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