A Tuscan Affair

For the second half our honeymoon we were off to Tuscany to spend a week in the Chianti region, this was the perfect follow-up to a busy few days in Paris!  We arrived on Saturday on the overnight train into Florence, and quickly found our rental car and headed out of the city.  While I would have LOVED to tour around Florence for a while, we had not really slept on the 12 hour train ride, and would have also had to lug our luggage around with us.  The drive to our hotel, Relais Vignale in Radda, took about an hour and when we got there we were pleasantly surprised.  The hotel is set into the hillside of Tuscany and overlooks several wineries.  It doesn’t hurt that we were booked into a private villa with our own terrace.


Our private patio, where we enjoyed several glasses of wine

The hotel also welcomed us with this little treat in our room.

I told Scott he should be making the reservations for this trip!

We almost felt guilty drinking the wine that the hotel set out for my parents, LOL.  Because we had had such a long night on the train, and such a busy week in Paris, we had decided that the weekend was going to be SFA time (sweet f@*! all), so we wandered around town, had some lunch and then a nap!  Lunch was at the little pizzaria across the street, and when we ordered the lunch special for 2, we were not expecting this to arrive!

Pizza Margherita

But somehow we managed to finish it!  The rest of the day was spent on one of the many lounge chairs by the pool, it was a pretty tough day!

yes please!

Our first adventure into another Tuscan town was to Monteriggioni, which is one of Italy’s perfectly preserved walled medieval village, the wall includes 14 towers which were referred to as “a ring of giants” in Dante’s ‘Inferno’.   You can walk along the town walls, and take in the views both externally and internally, this is when I learned that I am now afraid of heights, well, not really afraid, but being up there definitely triggered my vertigo.  I chose to stay on the ground when Scott wanted to go to the top of the second portion of the walk.

3 of 14 walls

The town is big enough to walk around in 30 minutes and it’s impossible to get lost as there are only 2 streets, but the town is exactly how you would picture a Tuscan village.

Of course there are grape vines over the front door

Shopping in the streets

So many options for pasta!

Our second day trip was to Volterra.  I feel that I should note that the roads in Tuscany are incredibly winding and narrow, these days trips involved me having to live on Ginger Gravol just to be able to function once we reached our destination.  Heads up “Twilight” fans, Volterra is an important location in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series. In the books, Volterra is home to the Volturi, a coven of powerful and ancient vampires. (The movie, however, was shot in Montepulciano, which we did not make it too.)

Piazza dei Priori

Piazza dei Priori was built in 1208 and is said to be the oldest ‘town hall’ in all of Tuscany.

Teatro Romano, a roman-esque theatre & baths that was unearthed and partially reconstructed by archeologists to give a proper representation of the size and detail that the theatre once had.  We also found this little gem, which we sadly could not bring home. Sorry Scott!

We finally find a suit of armour and its 2000.00 euros

Italy was incredible, and we cannot wait to go back.  We miss our nightly cappuccino’s & espresso’s on the patio, all the amazing foods, including out new addiction, truffle sauce and wine being just as cheap as water!  We saw so much more, but to share ALL of the pictures on here would take up WAY too much of your time.  However, if you are still curious you can check them out on my Flickr page.  See Paris & Italy at your leisure.

"our" table at the hotel restaurant, we miss it.


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