That was an exciting word to see when we drove past our new house a few weekends ago!

That’s right, Scott and I are H.O.’s (Home Owners) and we move in a mere 15 days!

Stolen from the MLS listing

The house was built in the ’70’s and has a lot of mature trees on the property.  Oh yea, that property…. It’s 84 feet x 282 feet, and we have a stream in our backyard!  Which = no houses behind us, ever!

Our stream! Or brook, whichever you prefer 🙂

We also lucked out with an above-ground pool and a hot tub, people, get ready for summer parties at our place in 2012!  And y’all can spend the night, cause we have 4 bedrooms.

The pool and hot tub! Oh, and HUGE deck!

I cannot wait to get into the house on November 5th and start making it my own! (By mine, I mean ours) I hope you’ll stick around and give me some feedback on all the little projects I am going to undertake.

First-up (hopefully) Built-in bookcases to surround this little gem.

Love wood burning fireplaces


2 thoughts on “Sold!

  1. Congratulations! It looks like a great house and a terrific property. Best of luck with the packing and the moving. And best wishes for many happy years in your new home. Give your hubbie “tanti auguri”,too, from Elarski!

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