Happy Valentines Day

Also known as the time I first attempted to pipe lace onto cookies with royal icing.

And was forever after addicted to this look.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  Making decorated sugar cookies actually takes a long time, and very few people actually know what goes into it.  So when I get an email from someone interested in an order, I am always a little apprehensive to give them a price. So let’s look at it in pictures.

Day 1: Make royal icing and tint with the colours I want to use for the set I will be working on.

Day 2: Mix cookie dough and put it in the fridge.

Day 3 part 1: Cut out, re-refrigerate cookies & bake.

Day 3 part 2: Outline & flood with base colours.  Let dry over night.

Day4: Tell your husband that, yes, you are STILL working on those cookies. Go to town with all the detailed work.  Sticking to it, drink 4 cups of tea in one morning, and stop for a quick breakfast & lunch.  Watching cheesy 80’s movies helps A LOT – today’s selection was Overboard. 6’ish hours later and you’ll end up with these:

I was inspired to make these lace cookies by Sugarbelle and her post here.  If you haven’t explored her blog before, I highly recommend that you do!


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