After the wedding, there’s a whole lotta dress to deal with

And I decided to put mine on for one more day of wear and headed out to the farm to visit my best-friend Angela’s stallion Morris.  Why?  To shoot a ‘trash the dress’ of course.  We had talked about doing this, and by we I mean my awesome photographer from the wedding Heather Windsor and myself, and as soon as it was agreed that we could use Morris for the afternoon, it was a done deal.

So on October 16th of 2011, I headed out to Janetville, Ontario with Angela, Heather and her boyfriend and fellow photographer Jon Rennie to spend a few hours on the farm, pretending not to be cold, and getting some pictures I will love forever.

Morris is a 6-year-old Friesian stallion, who spends most of his time indoors, as he is a show horse.  He has an incredibly gentle nature, and isn’t as intimidating as some stallions can be, mainly because he doesn’t know he is a stallion yet.  He does lead a sheltered life though, and was not really happy with being taken to a large open field.  It didn’t take long for him to explode out of his comfort zone and show us how powerful he can be.  See example below:

And now that the shoot is done, my dress is at the dry cleaners and then is being put up for sale.  I’ve hummed and hawed about doing this, but ultimately, I will never wear it again and it deserves to be loved by another bride.  After-all, I have pictures to treasure forever, thanks to the beautiful and talented Heather, and the ever entertaining Jon.

Thanks Heather & Jon for spending the day with Ang, Morris & I, for capturing images I love, and for just generally being awesome.  I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you over the last year, let’s keep in touch!!

Ang, thanks for being there to lace up my dress, morally support me always, and attempt to keep my dress horse-goober free.  Your efforts were futile, but none the less appreciated. xoxoxo.


2 thoughts on “After the wedding, there’s a whole lotta dress to deal with

  1. The picture with Morris rearing is very “snow white and the huntsman-esque” lol minus the huntsman… I actually like it, since I know you were in little danger!

    These are gorge! xx

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