Baby Shower Cookies

My best friend Jennifer is pregnant and today was her baby shower, when her mom asked if I would be willing to make cookies as a thank you favour for all of the guests, I of course said yes!  The possibilities were endless and I had a hard time keeping myself under control, and sticking to just a couple of ideas.

Everything related to babies is just so cute, and translates well into cookie form.

They were planning on 40-45 guests, and asked for a cookie for each, but I wanted to give a something a little extra.  Needless to say, when I went to bed Friday night most the surfaces in the kitchen & dining room were covered in cookies that were drying to be packaged this morning for the shower.

I am happy to say that Jennifer & baby were spoiled rotten at the shower this afternoon, I cannot wait to meet the little man in a few weeks.  Jenn starts her maternity leave soon, to prepare for the little guy and do school work.  (Yes, she’s working full-time, pregnant and finishing up her 4th University degree)  Girl is crazy, but I love her, and can’t wait to meet her son.


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