Easter Sugar Cookies

Hoppy Easter everyone!

After a  BUSY weekend, of which I spent 100% of my Sunday in the kitchen baking up Easter treats for kiddies, I am ready to share this year’s creations!

I love making Easter cookies, the possibilities for cuteness are unlimited!  This year, I had orders for a total of 108 cookies (not all for one person mind you!)

There’s something about pretty pastel colours, fluffy bunny tails, little baby chickens and eggs that makes me want to keep going and going with the icing.  To a point where the entire island and dining room table were covered with cookies that needed time to dry.

It’s really hard to practice restraint when your entire main floor smells like almond sugar cookies.. I may have sampled a few, but I maintain that it was for quality control

Aren’t the little chick egg candles adorable, I don’t think I will ever be able to bring myself to light their little wicks on fire.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend, we’ll be sticking close to home this year.  It’s my brother’s 30th birthday on Easter weekend, and my grandmother’s 88th, so we won’t be making a trek up north to visit with Scott’s family, which is unfortunate, but little brother’s only turn 30 once, and sometimes we just can’t be everywhere at once!

If only teleporting was a real thing!

Sugar & Love also celebrated a little milestone yesterday, we reached 50 fans on Facebook, and gave away a dozen Easter cookies to one lucky fan!  Join the fun, and maybe you will be a lucky winner one day too!


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