Thank you for helping me grow

I really don’t remember giving my teachers a gift at the end of the school year, but let’s face it, elementary school was over long ago, longer than I am prepared to come to terms with.  And I don’t have kids myself, yet, but a lot of my friends do, and they are always looking for something different to give.  Take my cousin for example, who is a teacher, she gets something like 30 gift cards for Tim Horton’s & Starbucks and she doesn’t drink coffee or tea.

This year, that’s where I came in!

Who doesn’t love a cookie, and a cookie that’s cute?  Even better!

Tonight, I hit the kitchen again to begin the final stages of my first wedding ever, stay tuned!  As my husband likes to point out, there are 700 cookies in our house and he can’t eat any of them!


2 thoughts on “Thank you for helping me grow

  1. I love this idea!! My kids attend a French school, but it would be simple enough to make a label for that. Gift cards are great if you know the teacher likes that sort of thing. But these are a little more personal and more thoughtful if you ask me.

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