A Lovely Day for a Wedding

On June 23 my little cousin Amanda got married, it was a beautiful sunny day, Chris looked very handsome in his tux and Amanda looked absolutely gorgeous in her gown.

But before that happened, this happened:

You see, Amanda asked me to make cookies as her wedding favors, and of course I was honoured to have the opportunity!  Amanda was a super easy-going Bride and told me to “surprise her”, that immediately got my wheels turning to something I had seen, and wanted to make for my own wedding, but just knew that I would be taking on too much with everything else I was already doing.  But Amanda is my only girl cousin on my mom’s side, and I wanted to make something really special for her and Chris.  Which lead me to the concept, which I had originally seen on Martha Stewart Weddings.

Amanda & Chris guest list was at 110 people, each wedding cake was going to require 6 cookies (I did 3 layers of 2) which amounted to 660 cookies.  I had no idea how many batches of dough this would take, so when I saw a sale in the flyer with no limit on quantity, this happened….

I should note that this photo does not include the 8 pounds of butter that my mom got for me as well.  All in all, I used 5.25 lbs of butter, 28 cups of flour, 28 eggs, 14 cups of sugar, and a whole bottle of Almond extract, but the end result was worth it.

I learned a lot of important lessons doing my first wedding, #1 being: my mom is amazing.  Not only did she make all the little gum paste flowers for the cakes, she also took 2 days off work to help me assemble and package them all.  Without her, I would have been a basket case for sure!  #2 – Order supplies way early, you never know how long something is going to take to get here from the US, and that’s an unwanted stress, I was lucky and followed this rule before I even started baking! #3 – Price appropriately, these took a lot of time, you don’t want to end up working for $0.10/hour because you didn’t cover your overhead appropriately.  And most importantly, #4 – have fun with it, in the end, they are cookies, and they are meant to be eaten.

I managed to get it all done though, and got a lot of positive feedback from wedding guests, and the coordinators at the venue as well.  I actually delivered my second wedding order to the same venue yesterday!

So, Congratulations Amanda & Chris, wishing you a lifetime of health & happiness!


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