Toopy & Binoo!

Shelley contacted me about cookies for her daughter’s 2nd birthday party, they were having a princess themed party with a twist, her daughter’s favourite cartoon characters, Toopy & Binoo, needed to make an appearance.

Alright, I’ll admit it.

I had to google who Toopy & Binoo were, I don’t have kids yet, can you really blame me??

I’ll also admit that these cookies stressed me out a little more than normal.  It’s hard to recreate a cartoon character with icing without a fancy piece of equipment like the “KopyKake“, I may have given up several times, but I ultimately stuck it out and I think they turned out pretty good.


The Originals:


My version:









2 thoughts on “Toopy & Binoo!

  1. Sorry for the stress I caused you but theydid turn out amazing. Everyone loved them, especially my daughter. Thank you so much. I promise I’ll try to keep it simple next time. lol!

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