A Farmtastic Birthday

Kelly emailed me a while ago about cookies for her twin daughters birthday and she sent me the invite she was using for their party.  Kelly and I have worked together before, remember the time I made 70 gingerbread houses, yep, they were for Kelly.  So I knew that this would turn out to be good as well.  Not only was she interested in little animal cookies for the party, she also asked if I could make 1 big farm cookie with the girls name on it and the number ‘6’.


Now, I have a LOT of cookie cutters, but it’s not like I have a large barn cutter on hand at all times, so I got creative and cut it out by hand, something that doesn’t bother me with simple shapes, but I won’t be tackling this for more complicated cookies.  This turned out to be very fun to work on, I always turn super nerd and get excited when something turns out the way I imagined it in my head.


I hope the girls have a great birthday party, and that all those invited enjoy the treats.

Over the next few weeks there will be a LOT of baby shower cookies being posted.  Besides having my own bundle of joy due in as little as 10 weeks, I have several friends who are expecting their own first babies very close to the same time as we are.  It’s going to be a very exciting spring around here, with lots to ooh and ahh about!


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