A Special Baby Girl

No no, not mine!

We chose not to find out what we are having….Well, I chose, my husband tried to find out at the 20 week ultrasound but baby cooperated with Mommy and crossed their legs and tucked up their knees so there was no chance of peeking at their “goods”.

The baby girl I am referring to is my good friend Katie’s baby girl who is due to arrive on May 4th.  Her baby shower was on April 13th and her best friend commissioned me to make the shower favours, and what is better for a baby girl than the girliest, pinkest cookies I have ever created?!  Oh, and why not add in some glitter for good measure!!


I can’t wait to meet Katie’s baby girl, it’s the first of MANY new babies that are expected in my life this year!

How’s my own pregnancy going you ask?

How Far Along Now:

32 weeks and 2 days (feels like much longer most days), which means we have a VERY busy 7 weeks to go until it’s time to meet this little one and find out what they are!!

How I Am Feeling:

Physically, it’s getting to be a little tough to be honest.  Getting too and from work is the hard part, and day’s where I have to commute to the office seem to be days where my hips ache so bad that I need a Tylenol when I go to be to be able to fall asleep.  Which wears on a girl mentally as well.  There may have been a few “overly emotional” moments the last few days that have had my hubs looking at me like I am an alien and he doesn’t know how to fix me.



Weight Gained: 12 lbs total so far

Food Cravings: English Cucumber, Apples & ice water.

Food Likes/Dislikes: Dislikes are anything that increases my heartburn!!

Baby Items Purchased This Week: Just some Ivory Snow so I can do some laundry for the babe after my Baby Showers in May.

Clothes For Me: Just a dress to wear to Baby Shower #1, and maybe Baby Shower #2 if it still fits at that point.  I want to be done with buying myself maternity clothes, luckily, it’s a typical Canadian spring and the weather cannot decide what to do, most days it’s still jeans and a t-shirt to work (yay for casual being acceptable)

Workouts/Activity This Week: Ha! Walking too and from the office is the most exercise I seem to get.  That and cleaning the house….

Sleep: Am I supposed to be sleeping???  Between the heartburn & hip pain I feel like I am awake more than I am asleep.

Movements: Sometimes I have to wonder what this child is up to in there, the movements are so big and HURT at times, I feel like I need to remind the baby that my spleen and other organs have just as much right to be in there as they do.

Appointments: My last appointment was April 17th, and at that point the baby was still in breech position, which obviously is not ideal.  Baby has until my 35 week appointment to squirm into position before my OB sends us for a late ultrasound and we explore the possibility of a c-section during my 39th week.  Since they have appeared to be breech this whole pregnancy (based on where my OB is finding the heartbeats) I am not optimistic . But I HAVE been doing everything I can to make the baby uncomfortable and hopefully flip, including washing all my floors on my hands & knees.  I’ve also explored every suggestion on www.spinningbabies.com

Nursery: Is getting there, but I am not sharing pictures until it is complete!!

*** I modified this little “interview” from my friend Laura @ My Pink Thumb she’s at 36 weeks and we email compare our pregnancies quite often now!  One of these days we’re going to have to actually talk through all this fun stuff!


2 thoughts on “A Special Baby Girl

  1. You make a beautiful mommy-to-be!! My darling daughter (who was born on June 16th – 17 years ago!) was also breech during most of the 3rd trimester. I played music on a walkman between my legs when I drove anywhere and she must have liked it because she turned head down in time for delivery but she didn’t flip over!
    All the best to you and dad-to-be.

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