A Baby Shower Post

This past weekend my mom and best friend hosted a baby shower for me and the little one.  It was amazing, anyone who has ever been to anything at my mom’s house knows that there will be food, and lots of it, and this was no different of an affair.  Unfortunately, I was only able to grab some pictures before guests began to show up, and there were a lot of them.  Here are a few little decor & dessert shots, really the most important things when you write a blog about baking….


My mom & best friend had the onesies above made for me and I just love them, for some reason I cannot resist funny onesies on babies!  Here is a closer shot of some of them, the “Dear Dad” one is HIGHLY appropriate for my hubby, as I often make him go back upstairs and change, or pick out his clothes if we are going somewhere important:


Below is no where close to showing exactly how much food they made, they seriously outdid themselves and we probably could have fed twice the amount of guests that we had, but my mom has always made way more than needed because she would HATE it if someone left her house hungry.  PS, my BFF Jennifer made all of the poofs & other decor items, some of them may be showing up in a nursery post soon!



These are just some of the gifts, I wasn’t even able to get everything home in one trip!


My mom made this cake, can you see where I learned how to bake?  The little duck on top is 100% chocolate, my girl Angela owns a chocolate factory (yeah, I know) and made it for my mom to use as a cake topper.


Now, yes, this was my baby shower, but I DID make the favours for this!  I had seen an idea on Sugarbelle’s website that I knew I had to try, so when my mom asked me if I would mind making cookies for my own party, I of course said yes!


Vintage Duck Toy Cookies!

Sunday was an amazing day, our baby was completely spoiled, and I got to see some people I don’t get to see very often.  A huge thank you to everyone who attended, and an even bigger thank you to my Momma and best friend for hosting, and everyone who chipped in to help them get it all done in time!  You know who you are!!!

Only 5 weeks and 5 days until my due date!



6 thoughts on “A Baby Shower Post

  1. Food, fun and friendly faces were plentiful at your shower Kristen. Your baby will be showered with love and affection and I know your both going to make wonderful parents!!! Cheers. Love Aunt Leslie

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