I’m still here!

It’s been a while.

A LOT has changed in my life.

But it’s all for the better!


I finished work May 31 to go on maternity leave and was looking forward to potentially having two weeks vacation before our baby joined us, little did I know the babe had a different agenda. A mere hour and a half after I got home from my last day of work my water broke, we had just finished dinner and it was go time.  We arrived at the hospital around 9:00 pm that night and our baby girl joined us at 3:46 pm on June 1.  I won’t go into all the details of the labour, but I will tell you that 20 hours, a shot of morphine, 2 failed epidural’s, and 2 failed attempts to adjust those epidural’s, one can of nitrous oxide were all worth it.

She’s perfect.

Meet our little lady, Sophie Jean.



It’s been interesting getting to know our new roles as parents, we had a rocky start when she was re-admitted to the hospital for jaundice, it really messed with my confidence as a mommy, and we struggled the first few weeks with breastfeeding.  But, we’re in a good groove now, I’ve learned to let things go that aren’t working (like breastfeeding) and face every day as a new adventure.   We have our moments, Sophie has some acid reflux issues which make her super fussy, but the baby Zantac helps, and there are days where she just does not want to be put down, but I wouldn’t trade this new job for any other job in the world.

I am starting to bake again, thanks to the help of my mom and hubby, who help out where they can, even if it just means holding the little lady.  I recently did my good friends wedding favours, and hope to post pictures at some point this week!

Next post will be dedicated to Sophie’s room, which is my favourite room in the house.



One thought on “I’m still here!

  1. Kristen, Congratulations she is just precious!! Things will all fall into place as you know, also my manager just had a baby in April, and he was having problems spitting up a lot and the Doctor told her to cut out dairy in her diet. She did and it did help with the baby’s digestion
    Enjoy your little one and looking forward to reading more 🙂

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