Sophie’s Room

How much fun is it to decorate a babies room?!?!

Since we chose not to find out the gender before our sweet baby girl was born, I went with gender neutral for the nursery, but didn’t go the typical green or yellow paint route.  Enjoy a peak into her room below!


Her crib, which she has yet to sleep in, I’m just not ready for that yet.  The poofs and dots above were re-purposed decor from one of my baby showers, I made the crib skirt to hide stuff that were are storing underneath the crib.  The plates on the wall I bought in high school when I was working at a local art gallery/gift shop, they are super cute Winnie the Pooh plates and I always planned on using them in a nursery some day.  The tiny Muskoka chair with the lamb sitting on it was a gift from my co-workers, I am lucky to work with some super amazing and generous women.


The rocking chair is a hand-me-down from my parents, they used to rock my brother and I to sleep in this many years ago.  The tree is from Etsy, and only took us approx 3 hours to put up, there was minimal swearing and fighting though, important to note I feel.


It was nice to spend some quality time with my sewing machine again, I made the valance above the window, crib skirt and a curtain for the closet door.  I had to get my mom to make the cushion for the rocking chair though, as it was more than I was willing to mess up, and she came early.


I wish the artwork showed up better in this picture, as it is SUPER cute, but I will link to them below.  I guess I could have taken the glass out of the frames, but Sophie doesn’t really nap anymore and I knew I had limited time to take these shots.


So there you have it, our adorable baby girls adorable room.  I hope she likes it when she is more aware of her surroundings!

Sources: *list may be updated as I realize I forgot things…..*

Paint Colour – CIL’s Aqua Sky

Crib – Sears

Dresser – Ikea Hemnes

Bookcase – Ikea

Rug – Costco

Fabric –

Artwork – Trafalgar Square on Etsy

Tree decal – Etsy


6 thoughts on “Sophie’s Room

  1. We just chose Aqua Sky for our baby’s nursery too. Thanks for sharing your pics because they’ve made me super excited to paint! I was afraid the Aqua Sky would be a little too “green” but your pics look awesome!

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