Thank You Cookies

My good friend Michelle and her husband are moving to New Brunswick.   I’m happy for her and this new opportunity, but sad for myself and the rest of our group.  Michelle is always the source of non-stop laughs and she is going to be missed terribly at our girls night get together’s.  I’ve known Michelle since forever, our brothers played hockey together when we were little, so in a way it’s like my sister is moving away from home.  I know they will be back for visits, but once or twice a year just isn’t the same as having her be less than an hour away for a quick giggle.

Last night the majority of us got together at my house for one last dinner together and a few more belly laughs before she leaves on her 14 hour drive to find a new home.  Michelle had contacted me to ask if I could make some cookies for her to give to her co-workers to thank them for everything they did to help her out before leaves on Friday.  And while a part of me wanted to say ‘No, you aren’t going anywhere’, I knew deep down that I had to do these for her, no matter how sad I was about this whole deal.


Michelle, I wish you and Korey nothing but the best in New Brunswick, you will be GREATLY missed at our get together’s, but know, that you will always be on our minds and we will be waiting anxiously until we get to see your beautiful face again.  Please come home often, we need you!!


Left to Right: Melanie, Melissa, Angela, Danielle, Tausha, Katie & Michelle



Left to Right: Michelle, Danielle, Melissa, me, Angela, Tausha & Melanie

The best group of girls that I had the privilege of working with when we were in high school and we’ve managed to stay close friends ever since.

Truly blessed to know each and every one of you.


2 thoughts on “Thank You Cookies

  1. Awwww Kristen thank-you so much, this made me cry!!!!! I am going to miss you guys so much and I am already looking forward to our Girls Christmas. The ladies at work loved the cookies – beautiful and tasty! 🙂

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